Inspired by the beauty of Scotland

"Inspiration for my work comes from the exceptional scenery around the Scottish Borders where I live and work, Scotland's wonderful coastline and the Scottish Highlands".


When painting I draw from memory of place rather than photographs, unless I am working on a commission.  


I love working with Mixed Media, exploring abstract and expressionist styles to produce contemporary art. I enjoy the different textures mixed media creates and the opportunities for design that comes from exploring abstract and expressionist styles of working.


Ten years ago I began working with Slate and Wax. The combination is so exhilarating as it creates a wonderful tapestry of colours due to the mixing and heating process.  The Slate, in its raw organic state, lends itself to the Scottish seascapes and landscapes which I try to recreate.


When an image of a place I have encountered comes to mind I will start to work on it, sometimes starting with a drawing but usually from inspiration and once the colours and images appear then feelings for that place are conjured up. It’s like looking back through a photo album in my memory.


I have enjoyed the challenge of producing art that is modern, contemporary and commercial, work that can be enjoyed as wall art on someone’s kitchen or bedroom wall either as an original or a high quality giclee print.


I hope to evoke good memories for others in my work so they too can see a glimpse of a special place where they have resided or visited.

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Louise at Work 3.jpg
Louise at Work 2.jpg